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Eco and friendly

Boutique Hotel Wrungel is an eco-friendly retreat in Vrsar, featuring nine smart, sustainable rooms. We offer a welcoming, innovative, and charming experience for all guests.

What makes us special


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  • The newest boutique in Vrsar

    Newly opened in 2023, Boutique Wrungel offers Vrsar’s most modern and welcoming accommodations. Experience our cozy atmosphere and stunning sunset views.
  • Elegant and Smart Rooms

    Our rooms feature modern design with sustainable, eco-friendly features. Enjoy a perfect mix of elegance and environmental consciousness
  • Private Sailing Adventures

    Explore the Adriatic with our private Wrungel sailing boat, exclusively available to ur guests.
  • Chess Club

    Our chess club is a vibrant community gathering at Boutique Wrungel, welcomes both professionals and enthusiasts alike.

What we include

Our Wrungel
sailing adventures

Explore the beauty of the Croatian coast on our private Hanse 505 yacht. Discover the Adriatic's hidden gems at your own pace, with all the comforts of luxury.

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